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First, welcome to Madison and Steven who have joined the IMreasoning team!

Like everyone else, we're talking about the Coronavirus.  Its hard not to when it has taken over essentially every aspect of our daily lives, both at work and at home.

We talk about what makes the situation difficult for human minds to grasp the reality of this pandemic; the concept of exponential growth, denial in hard times, and the counterfactual.

And we have the rare treat of chatting with our good friend Jorge Valbuena-Balbas who is living and working in Bilbao, Spain, and is currently sitting (metophorically-speaking) at the bottom of what appears to be an exponential trajectory in Spain.

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Another instalment of STC, this time using a Global Morning Report case from HumanDx.  We hope to do more of these as we initiate a collaboration with the Human Dx team.

Big news! We have launched our Patreon page.  Listen to this episode to hear more about how you can support the podcast. You can use the link below to visit our Patreon page:

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