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Join us for part 1 of our conversation with Bertalan Mesko, also known as The Medical Futurist.  Bertalan is helping the medical world integrate and adopt technologies that are helping humans deliver better healthcare.  Enjoy!

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Hopefully you had a chance to mull over the case we published in the last episode about Peggy from Australia who was experiencing fatigue and weight loss.  In this episode we review some of your responses and give you the final diagnosis.

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Please join the IMreasoning community and try to solve this case!  Art and Nic had a cognitive/technical failure and messed up the sound files when they tried to solve this case.  So this time, you get to be the chump. Good luck!

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Enjoy part 2 of our conversations about the racist patient.  In this episode we have a conversation with professor of medical ethics, Dr. Phillipa Malpas from the University of Auckland.

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Join Art and Nic for a discussion about our experiences with patients who hold bigoted, intolerant, racist, and judgmental opinions about their providers and people in general.

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